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She's in Love.

Production year: 2018

Episode:  3 min. x 12 ep

Genre:  Animation (romance)

Available Language :  EN sub 


She’s in love.” is a short animation series set in a real townscape of Fukuoka. It is a work produced with the theme of “A Picture Book in Love”, displayed through page-by-page illustrations. The original draft and character design were created by manga artist, Eisaku Kubonouchi, who designed for the world famous Nissin Cup Noodle TV commercial “Aoharu” series. The screenplay was written by Saeri Natsuo, who is receiving lots of love and support for her “delusion tweets” on social media. Following the lives of 4 female protagonists as a high school student, a university student, and as working adults, “She’s in love.” describes the love lives of each generation.

Creative staff: 

Illustration / Eisaku Kubonouchi ( Chocolat, Carol & Tuesday, Nissin Cup Noodle commercial series)

Screenplay / Saeri Natsuo

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