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We are here to assist your production.

Japan and here Kyushu has been overlooked as a filming /shooting location mostly because of the Japan's incentive system and the complicity of communication. But the Japanese government has begun to re-discuss the measures to attract foreign productions to Japan as of February 2024.


As we are one of a largest production companies based in Fukuoka, we have good connections to local film commissions, location resources and assets. We will be your one stop solution to assist your production here in any possible way.


Japan might not be ready to offer you the same level of incentive to other Asian countries, however, we gurantee that you will have a memorable experience with local culture, cuisine, high level craftsmanship and leisure in real local Japan.

Now, consider Fukuoka as your next filming locations!

location research
preproduction support
​subsidy and incentive information


Juri Yoshino

International sales Executive / Producer

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