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Real Shots of Good
- The Legacy of Tetsu Nakamura, M.D. -

Production year: 2020

Episode:  50 min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Documentary (hero)

Available Language :  EN sub 

★World Media Festivals 2021 Intermedia-globe SILVER

★New York Festivals 2021 Finalist


In December 2019, Dr. Tetsu Nakamura was gunned down and killed in Afghanistan, where he had been providing humanitarian aid. During his 35 years working on-site, Dr. Nakamura did much more than providing medical care. He dug wells, built irrigation canals and gave life-saving assistance to the people around him. An irrigation canal project he completed in 2010 now supports the lives 650,000 people. Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Company (KBC) conducted our first interview with Dr. Nakamura in 1985, one year after he went abroad on his mission. In 1992, KBC became the first Japanese media outlet to do an in-depth story on Dr. Nakamura's humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In this program, Dr. Nakamura's daughter speaks out in her first interview ever as a member of the Nakamura family. Why was Dr. Nakamura such an inspiration to so many people? Using past video footage and numerous testimonials, we look back at how Dr. Tetsu Nakamura lived his life.

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