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Production year: 2016, 2017

Episode:  3 min. x 13 ep (x 2 seasons)

Genre:  Animation (comic / history)

Available Language :  EN sub 


“SENGOKUCHOJYUGIGA” (Animal caricature) is a Japanese ancient drawing in scroll and the National Treasure. It’s also known as the oldest “Manga”, Japanese catoons. It’s drawn with India Ink painting called “Sumie”, and illustrates anthropomorphic rabbits, monkeys and frogs. Having similar concept, “SENGOKUCHOJYUGIGA” satirically depicts the Sengoku-era warlords as animals in “Sumie” style. The story follows historical events as well as casual everyday situations comically and cynically with words in modern language.. The show stars upcoming popular Japanese actors, idols, cosplayer, Kabuki actor and many more showbiz entertainers.

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