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Rise of Entrepreneurship among Millennials

According to “2023 Trends Report,” published by Meta,

entrepreneurship is on the rise worldwide, with 37% of millennials saying they have a dream of starting their own business, according to the report.

In addition, meta's “Global Society & Lifestyle Study,” a survey conducted by meta, found the following findings;


Only one in two respondents said they definitely want to keep their current job.

52% dream of starting their own business or becoming an influencer or creator.

42% say it is more important than ever to have meaningful and rewarding work.

With an ever more diverse workforce, 56% say it is important for their company to create employee resource groups for a small number of staff members.

74% say having a cooperative and trustworthy superior is important to them.


Meta Foresight Source: Mintel “Global Society & Lifestyle Study”

Commissioned by Meta and conducted among 21,000 people aged 18+ in Brazil, Germany, UK, South Korea, US, Vietnam, and South Africa. October 2022.

2023 Trends Report by Meta


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