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Fukuoka's future Million Dollar Artists - KYNE

Fukuoka is an amazing city that birthed famous artists who have fans all over the world.

Two of the hottest artists are KYNE and Backsideworks.

I would like to introduce them one by one.

- KYNE -

At an Art auction last month, a work by KYNE sold for 20.13 million yen. ( equivalent of around USD 137,000 )

In June, another work sold for 19.5 million yen.( equivalent of around USD 133,000 )

Fukuoka-based artist KYNE is hot in the world right now.

The median one-year market value index for KYNE's works has also been steadily increasing in price by one million yen per year.

KYNE is a Fukuoka-based artist who has been active since around 2006, when he first gained attention from street art.

His expression is characterized by his simple depiction of a woman with a cool expression in black and white on a flat surface.

While overseas art lovers are thirsting to get their hands on KYNE's works, we, the citizens of Fukuoka, can see KYNE's works here and there in the city, such as a coffee shop in my neighborhood.

Why don't you make seeing future million dollart artist, KYNE's art a part of your purpose to visit Fukuoka?

Where you can meet KYNE's art ‐

◆Fukuoka Art Museum - KYNE's art is displayed on the long side wall.

◆GOLDFLOG COFFEE - You can have a luxurious time looking at KYNE's art while drinking coffee

Other small exhibitions are happening all year-around at coffee shops and art galleries in Fukuoka.







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