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60 municipalities in Fukuoka

Fukuoka can be broken down to 60 municipalities.

If anyone can name all the 60 municipalities, the person is officially a Fukuoka expert.

Here is the List of 60 Municipalities

in Fukuoka;

  1. Kitakyushu city (北九州市)

  2. Yukuhashi city (行橋市)

  3. Buzen city (豊前市)

  4. Nakama city (中間市)

  5. Ashiya town (芦屋町)

  6. Mizumaki town (水巻町)

  7. Okagaki town (岡垣町)

  8. Enga town (遠賀町)

  9. Kanda town (苅田町)

  10. Miyako town (みやこ町)

  11. Yoshidomi town (吉富町)

  12. Koge town (上毛町)

  13. Chikujyo town (築上町)

  14. Fukuoka city (福岡市)

  15. Chikushino city (筑紫野市)

  16. Kasuga city (春日市)

  17. Onojyo city (大野城市)

  18. Munakata city (宗像市)

  19. Dazaifu city (太宰府市)

  20. Koga city (古賀市)

  21. Fukutsu city (福津市)

  22. Asakura city (朝倉市)

  23. Itoshima city (糸島市)

  24. Nakagawa city (那珂川市)

  25. Umi town (宇美町)

  26. Sasaguri town (篠栗町)

  27. Shimen town (志免町)

  28. Sue town (須恵町)

  29. Singu town (新宮町)

  30. Hisayama town (久山町)

  31. Kasuya town (粕屋町)

  32. Chikuzen town (筑前町)

  33. Toho village (東峰村)

  34. Omuta city (大牟田市)

  35. Kurume city (久留米市)

  36. Yanagawa city (柳川市)

  37. Yame city (八女市)

  38. Chikugo city (筑後市)

  39. Okawa city (大川市)

  40. Ogori city (小郡市)

  41. Ukiha city (うきは市)

  42. Miyama city (みやま市)

  43. Tachiarai city (大刀洗町)

  44. Oogi town (大木町)

  45. Hirokawa town (広川町)

  46. Nogata city (直方市)

  47. Iizuka city (飯塚市)

  48. Tagawa city (田川市)

  49. Miyawaka city (宮若市)

  50. Kama city (嘉麻市)

  51. Kotake town (小竹町)

  52. Kurate town (鞍手町)

  53. Keisen town (桂川町)

  54. Kawara town (香春町)

  55. Soeda town (添田町)

  56. Itoda town (糸田町)

  57. Kawasaki town (川崎町)

  58. Oto town (大任町)

  59. Aka village (赤村)

  60. Fukuchi town (福智町

​The corona pandemic brought me time to get to know my home, Fukuoka.

There are so many municipalities I have not yet visited.

But what I can say is that each town or city has its own unique ”flavor". For example, "Yame City”. Yame City is one of the most famous tea growing regions in Japan, with beautiful tea fields. There is no one in Japan who does not know Yame tea.

On the other side of the tea fields, there is an area with trendy cafes and stores located in the streets of traditional Japanese-style houses, which are very intriguing.

It is a place to walk around with a camera in hand. And, "YANAGAWA". It is known as the VENICE of Japan. The canal that runs through the town shows boatmen rowing a small Japanese boat with tourists on board.

The other day I heard the boatman singing like an opera singer.

I couldn't help but stop and listen to the boatman's singing.

The scenery is so different from that of other towns that it is easy to forget that Yanagawa is in Fukuoka.

There are so many more of the charms of 60 municipalities that have yet to be discovered.

KBC, a group company, is currently working on a project to introduce the 60 cities, towns, and villages on TV and radio.

And together with KBC, the journey to discover the charms of the 60 municipalities will continue.



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