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When the Tenth Bell Tolls

Production year: 2015

Episode:  51 min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN Sub / EN Dub / SP Dub


Miyu a girl who believes in destiny. She develops a crush on Yuzuru during a junior high school, and the two begin dating, until one day Yuzuru’s childhood friend Wakana shows up. Seven years later, Miyu is hunting for a job when she meets Yuzuru by chance. But Wakana is there again to keep the two apart. Another two years later, Miyu runs into Yuzuru once more to find Wakana by his side. Wakana reveals a part of Yuzuru’s past unknown to Miyu. And Yuzuru struggles to face the true feelings he has long suppressed. Will the star-crossed lovers be united after a decade-long setback?

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