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The Undying Fireworks of Love

Production year: 2020

Episode:  50min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN Sub / SP Dub


Kana Ozaki (Ren Ishikawa), a 29-year-old dental assistant living in Tokyo, is a hard-to-please woman who denies fate yet still falls into delusions of destiny.

One summer day, Kana goes on a business trip to Fukuoka and falls head over heels for the tall and handsome Hiroki Watanabe (Tetsuya Iwanaga), a medical consultant with high qualifications. Then, Kana finds herself enjoying a pleasant drive around the city in Hiroki’s car. While being escorted around town by a man she met for the first time in Fukuoka, Kana begins to develop feelings she’s never felt before. “I wish this night would never end…”

After that night, they part ways – never to meet again - and they exchange nothing but a single email the next day.
However, Kana’s feelings for Hiroki stay the same.

Then two years later, summer arrives in Fukuoka once again.

On the night of the Ohori Fireworks Festival, Kana resolves to go and see Hiroki. Kana suddenly confesses her feelings to Hiroki…

Will the love between Tokyo and Fukuoka have neither beginning nor future?

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