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Sushi Police

Production year: 2015

Episode:  3.5 min. x 13 ep

Genre:  Animation (3DCG)

Available Language :  EN sub 


Somewhere out there Sushi is crying!? There’s a worldwide Sushi boom, but what to do with all the bastardized Sushi out there? The Japanese Government’s urgent response is to team up with other ruling powers around the world to establish the WFCO(World Food-culture Conservation Organization) to protect and promote authentic local cuisine. And so WFCO, deploys its 9th Division to oversee Japanese cuisine abroad. The 9th Division, a.k.a. Sushi Police, is notorious for their aggressive conduct and they hassle anyone serving unauthentic Japanese food in the U.S., Russia, France, China, etc. They will resort to any means necessary to eliminate bad Sushi. Soon they are despised by restaurant proprietors around the world.

Creative staff: 

Production / Sedic International , KOOKI

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