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Dad's War
- Lessons from Battleship Musashi's Deck Officer -

Production year: 2016

Episode:  50 min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Documentary (human / war)

Available Language :  EN 

★New York Festivals 2017 FINALIST


“Warship-Musashi” is a nonfiction novel that was written based on many testimonies from those involved in the construction as well as those who survived the sinking Musashi. One of the witness is Haruo Nomura. He is my dad. We knew very little about him. Born in 1921, he graduated from the Naval Academy and boarded the battleship Musashi. But he passed away 6 years ago without ever telling the family about the details of the war. Through the book titled “Warship-Musashi”, we eventually learned about his life and how he survived . Moreover, we also discovered that over 25 hours of his testimonies had been voice recorded. Why did he pass away without telling us anything? There lies the sunken steel castle “Musashi”, which people believed to be the cornerstone of national defense through it actually became the final parting place of many comrades linked by tight bonds.

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