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KBC MoooV is one of the largest production companies in Southern Japan.

We are the professional group of creators.


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47& is a curated B to B international content distribution service.

In this global era, content business is borderless.

We say “we are what we eat”,

but we could also say “ we are what we see”.

We believe that the video contents have power to influence your lives and our lives.

That is why we produce, make, and deliver inspirational content globally.


47& は、BtoB のグローバルコンテンツセールスサービスです。



”We are what we eat” 「私たちを形作るのは食ベ物である」という言葉がありますが、

”We are what we see” 「私たちを形づくるのは見るものを通してである」、という事もできるでしょう。







Our Mission, Vision, Value


Mission  ミッション ー 私たちが果たすべき役割・使命

Our  mission is to provide accessible, communicative and inspirational one-stop global content service to the local and overseas clients.

Vision ビジョン ー 私たちの未来のあるべき姿

Our vision is to be one of the most reliable curated content services in Asia.


Value  バリュー ‐ 私たちが世界に社会に提供する価値 ・ ベネフィット

Our vision is to connect people through our services and create new values through borderless collaboration.


Founder's message


These two statements are curved into my heart.

”One small step for a man but giant leap for mankind.” by Neil Armstrong

When Apollo 13 landed on the moon, 

Neil Armstrong said these words at the moment he landed his foot on the moon.

Going to space is a great achievement, but I believe that we all have to take one small step in the environment we are in every day that will later become a giant leap forward.

There are moments when I often feel this when I work abroad and around the world every day. Why do people try to work only within their own small territory when the world is big? What is it that prevents us from taking that small step?

I believe 47& has that role to help to take the small steps.

So I have changed Neil Armstrong's words to my version of this.

”One small step for a man but giant leap for my company, community, country and the whole world.”


Another quote is from Korean film director Bong Joon-Ho.

Director Bong Joon-Ho himself has taken these words to his heart.

”The most personal is the most creative.” by Bong Joon-Ho


This is a word that can serve as a reminder, especially when creating content and curating content to sell abroad. I interpreted these words in this way.

We all need "empathy" - the degree to which things are personal to us changes the degree to which we perceive and understand things.

We, who deliver content to people, need to think about how much we can cater to the "empathy" of the viewers.

I believe that this is what director Bong Joon-Ho means by being creative after all.

We would like to deliver content that viewers can empathize with.



”One small step for a man but giant leap for mankind.” by Neil Armstrong






そのsmall stepを踏み出すお手伝いをする。



”One small step for a man but giant leap for my company, community, country and the whole world.”



”The most personal is the most creative.” by Bong Joon-Ho



人は”共感”を必要としている ‐ 自分ごとである度合で、人は物事を受け止め、解釈する度合が変わります。





Juri Yoshino

Founder of 47&

International Sales Executive /


KBC MoooV Co., Ltd.

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Japan consists of 47 prefectures , which rank immediately below the national government and form the country's first level of jurisdiction and administrative division.

From Hokkaido in the most northern Japan to

Okinawa, the most southern  part of Japan.

Each and every prefectures have their unique people,

landscapes, products, culture and lifestyles which we call them "local". And the "local" is the heart of creativity.

Our mission is to showcase and bring the world inspirational stories those 47 prefectures = local can offer.

Meaning of  47&


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