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Production year: 2019

Episode:  50min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN Sub / SP Dub


Miki is a senior in high school, living in a small town of Kasuya-machi (Fukuoka, Japan). After being betrayed by her classmates and ex-boyfriend in the past, she no longer trusts people or goes on dates.

The only thing that gave meaning in her life was music.

Singing with her guitar, she shares videos on her social media account SHINO.

One day, Miki gets a comment under one of her videos, saying, “My name is Naoto Yamashita and I live in Kitakyushu. I just wanted to tell you I was very moved by your singing.” Naoto, who was dealing with frustrations as an emergency medical technician from a blame he was feeling, had gained strength after hearing Miki sing. Miki is wary, but Naoto’s heartfelt words ultimately give her the courage to perform on the streets of Tenjin. After that, she talks to Naoto solely through social media. The two of them grow and become close without meeting in real life.

Miki starts to become an optimistic person, but her ex-boyfriend starts to threaten her again. Miki expresses her feelings through her singing, and Naoto gives her words of encouragement.

Can a miraculous love story rise from music and social media?

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