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Darkness Boy Santa

Production year: 2015

Episode:  3 min. x 12 ep

Genre:  Animation (horror)

Available Language :  EN sub 


“Darkness Boy Santa” is a black & white animation, with a concept of 1960’s. Main character “Santa” , a minion from Hell, was given a mission by the Great Devil King to go patrol human world. Santa’s mission is to find evil doing humans and bring back them to hell. Animation includes real archive clips of the 1960’s which include very rare clips of Hashima island (nickname: Battleship Island), and other historical events of that time.

​Creative staff: 

Story/Character design – Choji Yoshikawa (“Pocket Monster” series producer) 

Direction advisor/Monster design - Shinji Nishikawa(“Godzilla” series monster designer)   

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