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The Christmas Capriccio

Production year: 2021

Episode:  50min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN sub


Just before Christmas, two admirers suddenly appear out of nowhere!

One is an older man who is charming and kind, while the other is a younger man full of vitality and honesty.

I haven’t felt my heart race in five years, let alone simultaneously for two different people.

I like both of them and can’t choose between the two.

Good heavens, what am I going to do?

LSF15 graphic main.JPG
The Undying Fireworks of Love

Production year: 2020

Episode:  50min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN Sub / SP Dub


Kana Ozaki (Ren Ishikawa), a 29-year-old dental assistant living in Tokyo, is a hard-to-please woman who denies fate yet still falls into delusions of destiny.

One summer day, Kana goes on a business trip to Fukuoka and falls head over heels for the tall and handsome Hiroki Watanabe (Tetsuya Iwanaga), a medical consultant with high qualifications. Then, Kana finds herself enjoying a pleasant drive around the city in Hiroki’s car.

While being escorted around town by a man she met for the first time in Fukuoka, Kana begins to develop feelings she’s never felt before.

“I wish this night would never end…”

After that night, they part ways – never to meet again - and they exchange nothing but a single email the next day.
However, Kana’s feelings for Hiroki stay the same.

Then two years later, summer arrives in Fukuoka once again.

On the night of the Ohori Fireworks Festival, Kana resolves to go and see Hiroki.

Kana suddenly confesses her feelings to Hiroki…

Will the love between Tokyo and Fukuoka have neither beginning nor future?

KBC -Love Stories From Fukuoka14 Flier-1
Tenjin Love Song

Production year: 2019

Episode:  50min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN Sub / SP Dub


Miki is a senior in high school, living in a small town of Kasuya-machi (Fukuoka, Japan).

After being betrayed by her classmates and ex-boyfriend in the past, she no longer trusts people or goes on dates. The only thing that gave meaning in her life was music.

Singing with her guitar, she shares videos on her social media account SHINO.

One day, Miki gets a comment under one of her videos, saying, “My name is Naoto Yamashita and I live in Kitakyushu. I just wanted to tell you I was very moved by your singing.”

Naoto, who was dealing with frustrations as an emergency medical technician from a blame he was feeling, had gained strength after hearing Miki sing.

Miki is wary, but Naoto’s heartfelt words ultimately give her the courage to perform on the streets of Tenjin. After that, she talks to Naoto solely through social media. The two of them grow and become close without meeting in real life.

Miki starts to become an optimistic person, but her ex-boyfriend starts to threaten her again.

Miki expresses her feelings through her singing, and Naoto gives her words of encouragement.

Can a miraculous love story rise from music and social media?

Love Beyond Borders

Production year: 2018

Episode:  50min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN Sub / EN Dub / SP Dub


Souta fell in love with Ritsu at first sight when he saw her in the City library.

When he made an approach, Ritsu responded to him by writing something down on a notebook.

“I’m deaf”

 “So, “NO”.  Bye”

Regardless of rejection, Souta begins to learn sign language to get to know Ritsu.

Ritsu, on the other hand, keeps rejecting Souta.

Will Souta’s honest love ever reach Ritsu?

LSF#12 -1.JPG
My Teacher and the Nerd Me

Production year: 2017

Episode:  50min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN Sub / SP Dub


Mizuki (Nanami Sakuraba) is just an ordinary girl who finds happiness in her ordinary life, working at local publisher, busy with after-five blind dates.

But it was not all of her life…the real herself.

The real Mizuki was shy, unsociable, and a nerd who likes to stay home drawing “Manga”(comics).

In all the world, there was one person who understood about real Mizuki.

It was her high school teacher Kenshi (Ren Kiriyama), known to be the enthusiast, the scariest teacher in school. He was demanding and rough around the edges, but he always reached out to Mizuki when she was alone.


High school teacher and student- there was no sign of romantic spark at that time.


Years after graduating from high school, Mizuki ran into Kenshi.

Mizuki began to see Kenshi time to time, and she realized her feeling towards him, but Kenshi was seeing someone else.

Can an ex-student be allowed to fall in love with a teacher?

Will Mizuki’s one-way, genuine love see a happy ending…?    

Blind Happiness

Production year: 2016

Episode:  50min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN Sub / EN Dub / SP Dub

Akina (Umika Kawashima) and Takumi (Kodai Asaka) had been dating since high school.

After graduating from high school, Akina started working as a bus tour guide in Saga Prefecture, which was 1hour train ride away from her hometown. On the other hand, her boyfriend Takumi stayed in town, got a job in a factory.

Being separated from each other, romance oriented Akina struggled not to miss her boyfriend Takumi so much.

But one day, on their date, one Akina’s action made Takumi’s mind to end their relationship.

Was Akina the only one who was madly in love?!

Three years later, Akina was living changing job to jobs, without  particular goals in her life.

She still had a feeling for Takumi, and one day her friends announced her the shocking news about him. Takumi was dealing with a disability.

Leaving everything behind, Akina goes to see him.

Can she get close to Takumi’s deeply hurt, closed heart?

The second chapter of their romance begins!

When the Tenth Bell Tolls

Production year: 2015

Episode:  51 min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN Sub / EN Dub / SP Dub


Miyu a girl who believes in destiny. She develops a crush on Yuzuru during a junior high school, and the two begin dating, until one day Yuzuru’s childhood friend Wakana shows up. Seven years later, Miyu is hunting for a job when she meets Yuzuru by chance. But Wakana is there again to keep the two apart. Another two years later, Miyu runs into Yuzuru once more to find Wakana by his side. Wakana reveals a part of Yuzuru’s past unknown to Miyu. And Yuzuru struggles to face the true feelings he has long suppressed. Will the star-crossed lovers be united after a decade-long setback?

LSF9 Final.jpg
Look Up at theSky

Production year: 2015

Episode:  51 min. x 1 ep

Genre:  Drama

Available Language :  EN sub / SP dub


 Mai has suffered a great wound to her face in an accident. The doctor said, “If you are exposed to UV light before it cures, a scar will remain”. To hide the wound, Mai puts a large bandage on her face and comes to avoid the public eye. Takuya who helped Mai at the time of the accident, tries to cheer her up. He had been in love with Mai from before, but Mai takes his kindness as pity and cannot accept his love honestly. With encouragement from her colleague Aki , little by little the ice in her mind melts. When Mai regains her honesty under the sun, will she be united in love with Takuya?