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About us

47& is an international content distribution service focused on Japanese TV programs and films.

We debuted in October, 2021 and are owned by GlocalK, a fresh start-up company birthed out from Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting located in Fukuoka, Japan.


Our mission is to provide "accessible" , "communicative" and "inspirational" content distribution services to content buyers around the world.

And to make their acquisition process easier yet fruitful and enjoyable.

Our ultimate goal is to connect the world through good contents.

We strongly believe that good contents bring people better ideas, better relationships, better understanding for each other

that leads to bringing the world closer.


We hope we'll be your close, friendly, and reliable navigator

to great Japanese contents.


Juri Yoshino

Founder of 47&

Global communication designer / International Sales Executive at Glocal K. Co., Ltd.

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Japan consists of 47 prefectures , which rank immediately below the national government and form the country's first level of jurisdiction and administrative division.

From Hokkaido in the most northern Japan to

Okinawa, the most southern  part of Japan.

Each and every prefectures have their unique people,

places, products, culture and lifestyles.

Our goal is to introduce and bring you good stories

those 47 prefectures can offer.

I believe that "content distribution" is

another form of "diplomacy".

Juri Yoshino

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