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The Sketch of Life (film)

When was the last time you visited the zoo?

Whether your visit was recent or back in your childhood, the experience the zoo gave us was always lively, uplifting and warm.

We want to invite you to a 3 minutes tour of "The Sketch of Life" with animals in the film.

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Omuta City Zoo 

a model of "The Sketch of Life"

monkey (mono).png

This is "Omuta City Zoo", a model of the film

"The Sketch of Life".

In beautiful rural area of Fukuoka, this zoo exists.

What makes so special about this zoo is their outstanding efforts toward the animal welfare.

In recent year, this zoo attracted so much attention for its role in the

“Communication of Animal Welfare”

enmei zoo (jpeg)_edited.jpg

In 2015, World Association of Zoo and Aquariums announced "Caring for Wildlife: The World Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare Strategy".


If you want to dig in, type in "Omuta city zoo" and "animal welfare" in a search engine and you'll find more information.

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omuta city zoo logo.png

With this epic theme, "life" and "animal welfare" ,

and in the beautiful rural scenery, this film "The Sketch of Life" was filmed.

tigar (mono)2.png

Souta had a dream to become a manga artist.

To pursue one's dream and ambition all the way is not always easy.

After struggling in Tokyo, he returns back to his hometown,

then he was introduced to a job at a local zoo but this zoo happens to be on a verge of shutting down.

Will Souta find his ambition once again?

Will the zookeepers be able to protect all the animals and the existance of the zoo?


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sketch of life (logo).png

Director Naoki Segi  

Soul Boat Co., Ltd.

sakura walking (mono)_edited.png

Born 1963 in Mie prefecture.

After graduating from Ritsumeikan University,

he worked for some production companies and eventually directed movies freelance. He is lauded for his films which are based on motifs of nature and local communities. His directed films include Ramen Samurai in 2012, Route 42 in 2013, Karaage USA in 2014, Mother Lake in 2016, Koi no Shizuku in 2018, and more. He currently serves as president of the Soul Boat movie production company. Outside of directing movies, he also directs television and commercials, writes essays and columns, holds lectures about the environment and human rights, and also serves as an advisor to various localities for town planning. He also serves as honorary tourism ambassador for Mie, Yokkaichi, Meiwacho, Rhododendron of Fukushima Prefecture, and Usa municipalities. In 2008 he won the Yokkaichi Citizen Culture Promotion Award to commemorate the 111st anniversary of the establishment of Yokkaichi city.

Naoki Segi.PNG


Kanta Sato 

(protagonist Ryota Tanaka)

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Born June 16th, 1996 in Fukuoka. He joined the EXILE theater group in 2015 and began his acting career. He had his first starring role as Naoki Irie in the movie “Itazura na Kiss” in 2016. He also played Tettsu of the Sannoh Rengokai in the High & Low series. Other appearances include the films Love and Lies in 2017, Missions of Love, Run! High School Basketball Club, Kazoku no Hanashi, and Jam in 2018, and Kyo mo Iyagarase Bento in 2019. TV drama appearances include Nou ni Sumaho ga Umerareta! (YTV) in 2017, Tantei ga Hayasugiru (YTV) and Chuzai Keiji (TX) in 2018, and I Give My First Love to You and Da Rapper Bites and Becomes a Rapper (both EX) in 2019.

Kanta Sato.PNG
Izumi Fujimoto.PNG
kangaroo (mono)2.png

Izumi Fujimoto

(Enmei Zoo veterinarian Aya Ishii)

Born October 21st, 1991 in Saitama. After appearing in several commercials and music videos, and started her acting career in earnest from 2010. She appeared regularly in drama series such as Hammer Session! In 2010 on TBS, Detective Kurokawa Suzuki on YTV, and the KTV series 37-sai de Ishi ni Natta Boku, both in 2012. In 2013, she made her feature film debut in Tsuya no Yoru, directed by Isao Yukisada. In 2014 she appeared in Ogawa-cho Serenade, Pale Moon, and Ao Haru Ride. In 2015, she starred in From Kobe, a television special made in commemoration of the 20th year since the Great Hanshin Earthquake, and the 45th anniversary of opening of Sun TV, which also later had a theatrical release. She has also appeared in Chin’yuki and Kashin in 2016, and Mama Gohan Mada? and Nekonin in 2017. Her TV drama roles include parts in Our House on Fuji TV in 2016, Reverse on TBS and The Court of Silence on WOWOW in 2017, and Last Chance on TX in 2018. In 2019, she appeared in the popular July TBS drama Nagi no Oitoma.

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The Sketch of Life.jpg
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